Be smart, protect your brain

How many of us think about our brain in the protective way we consider our heart or lungs? Everyone wants to keep their brain functioning optimally as long as possible, but did you know you have more control over that than you realize?

The average brain loses about 50% of it’s 15 billion brain cells between the ages of twenty – ninety-five.

The brain, like a muscle, shrinks as we age.

Mental ability declines by an average of 20% between ages forty – seventy.

You don’t have to be average!!!

People who make healthy and specific lifestyle choices around this issue greatly improve their odds of avoiding Alzheimer’s disease and maintaining optimal cognition. Behaviors like the following:

Geting a minimum  of 20 minutes of vigorous cardiovascular exercise daily.

Healthy dietary choices emphasizing fish over meat, nuts, leafy greens and berries.

Regularly exercising the brain.

Maintaining an optimistic attitude and laughing.

Learning and practicing consistently, stress reduction exercises and techniques.

If you are interested in learning much more about the ways your brain can lose its prime AND the most important, specific and scientifically proven ways to jeep your brain healthy, contact me for information on the small group programs, upcoming workshops and private coaching options available.









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