I'm writing to express my extreme satisfaction in the services I received from Michelle Cook as my life coach in 2012. During the weeks working with Michelle, I received numerous tools and learned organizational systems that have improved not only my quality of life but my family relationships as well.

I was a little intimidated to begin working with Michelle as to have her see my life unorganized and chaotic. However, her approach put my fears at ease to the point that after meeting with her once I immediately look forward to our future sessions. Michelle's strength as a life coach is her natural ability not to focus on the skills I didn't have, but instead brought to the forefront the strong skills and talents that I do have. She helped me to utilize them to my fullest in all the roles I maintain day to day. Rather than trying to change all my bad habits she gave me an opportunity to better understand myself, my beliefs, ideals and to appreciate my gifts on a larger scale so that I could fully utilize them in my life as a wife, mother and director.

As areas in my life came up that didn't come easy to me, she taught me simple but effective tools that I was able to apply immediately and share them with my husband and teenage daughter as well. I also appreciated Michelle's approach in that she didn't encourage too many changes at once. Michelle always kept my attention on the bigger picture therefore planning for long term success in that she was careful to set realistic goals and to teach that small changes add up quickly for positive results! My process while working with Michelle was never focused on changing me but on gently assisting me in experiencing more efficiency and more joy. Michelle's nurturing energy and solid yet simple techniques allowed me to gain more confidence in who I am as well as many beneficial tools that I am still practicing today. I often reflect on the rewards I've received as a result.

I recommend Michelle as a life coach to anyone seeking support. Look no further she is the real deal and a beautiful inspiration to say the least!

Maria Capitano Pardo
Tampa, FL